Our Board Members



President—Tim Gallagher (2021)

V. P. — Carl Middleton (2020)    


V. P. Communication and Membership— Mary Gallagher (2020)

Treasurer—Fred Guimond (2021)

Secretary—Michele Vallor (2021)                                 


At Large Members

Lou Greenlee (2020)

Luke Groen (2021)

Robbette Schmit (2021) 

Anne Gilbert (2021)


Keith Hendershot--Manager 

Jillana Haight--Bookkeeper 

Interested in becoming a Board Member?

Board Members are the backbone of our club. We all volunteer and it is vital that we have sufficient help in order to maintain an orderly club that we can all enjoy. Board member responsibilities include attending 4-6 board meetings throughout the year, participating in email communication, helping with important decision making and voting, helping with club projects and promoting our club to maintain a healthy membership count in order to thrive.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact us for further details and perhaps you’ll be voted in at our next annual meeting!

Officer Positions

In addition to our At-Large Board Members, we also have 5 officers that are vital to our operations. These positions include our President/Chief Executive Officer, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, V.P. for Communications and Membership, our Secretary and Treasurer.