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We at Kahler Glen Athletic Club welcome the entire Leavenworth community, whether you’re a Kahler Glen local, resident of Leavenworth or own a part-time residence in our beautiful mountain community. Here, we’re about fitness and fun for the whole family. Enjoy our year-round indoor swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, workout equipment, racquetball court and more! Call for a private tour and join us today!


 7 day/week Memberships

Full Family —$135.50/month*

Couples Only — $109.25/month*

Singles Only —$67.75/month*

—7 day/week membership access is currently 4am-10pm daily (11pm close Fri & Sat.)

—24/7 access can be purchased for 10% above normal rates (only for 7/day week memberships)

5 day/week Memberships

Fully Family — $103/month*

Couples Only — $92.75/month*

Singles Only — $57.25/month*

—Midweek membership access runs from Sunday at 2pm to Friday at 2pm (normal closing hours of 10pm daily)

—*All membership plans require payment of 6 months dues in advance and a two-year contract.