About our Annual Meeting

Each year in May, we have our KGAC Annual Meeting and Family Potluck. We encourage ALL members to attend and its a great way to learn more about our club, board members and volunteer opportunities. Interested in joining as a board member? We encourage you to speak with us and find out more!

Our 2020 Annual Meeting is scheduled for May 24th, 2020. See you there!!!

Our 2019 Annual Meeting

Our 2019 Annual Meeting

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes


      Meeting Minutes May 26, 2019

CALL TO ORDER:  President Jim Burrage called the meeting to order at 11:08  and he then verified a quorum.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Jim Burrage, Ann Reynolds, Tim Gallagher, Mary Gallagher, Carl Middleton, Luke Groen, Lou Greenlee.  Independent contractors: Keith and Mickey Hendershot.

MINUTES OF 2018 ANNUAL MEETING: Jan Deveny made the motion to approve the minutes from the previous year, Amy Eisemann seconded.  Motion was approved.


*This has been a growth year for the club with 119 members plus 2 special group memberships (LWFR/PVNT) and 6 in trade for services.

* Jim credited Tim Gallagher for creating and maintaining the KGAC Board member Handbook which captures how the club operates, the roles and responsibilities of board members, operation and maintenance of equipment, vendor lists and the like.

* Classes continue with Heidi Bryan as the personal trainer service provider.  We have a lead on someone to provide Zumba classes now that Mary Long has moved.

* The club will continue the club hours of operation as revised. 4am-10 pm (Sun-Thurs)

4am-10pm (Fri-Sat).

* We have increased the pool temperature from 83 to 85 degrees.

* We have installed three Blink security cameras in the public areas: the front door, pool area and weight room door.  Signs are installed also.

* Jim encouraged the members to be mindful of parking issues in front of the club: not parking on the grass or with big trucks blocking neighboring driveway access,

* Several parking places have been designated for the disabled members to have easier access to the club.  Please be aware and not park there if not necessary.

* We are hoping to eventually paint parking lines.

* Jim explained the 2 month free membership promotional package available to new home owners in the Leavenworth area.

* The club provides a mid-week membership to the LWF&R firefighters and first responders as well as to the Plain Valley Nordic Team for training purposes.

* Jim reminded members to sign in at the front door when entering the club.

* For special event reservation, please notify the club 3 weeks in advance.

* Tim Gallagher explained the 6month on -6month off membership program.  To date, no one has participated.

* Jim recognized and thanked those members who have donated items to the club:

The Wild Flour restaurant team of Ben, Spencer and Casey for today’s BBQ brisket.

Ben Herried for the weight scale. Pool toys from the Childers. Weight bench from Pete Petesh

* The club is a sponsor of the Plain Valley Nordic Team

* We donated a 2 month membership to the Beaver Valley School Auction.

* Jim also recognized Paula Egbert and Teri Zimmerman for scrubbing the pool tiles and cleaning filter baskets.

WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK:  Luke Groen explained that he and his wife, Sydney are improving the website and Facebook pages for a more current, comprehensive look with new photos and commentary.  He is looking into more ways to use social media to market the athletic club.


*Keith Hendershot explained the many repairs and upgrades that occurred during 2019.

* The dehumidifier has many age issues and subsequent repairs.  He explained how the unit works and what problems occur when doors to the patio are left open.      There have been leaks to the pressure valve, broken parts that require time to replace, refrigerant issues with the heat pump also.  Keith has hired a new service company that is doing good work for us.

* Landscaping is being done by several means: J&G mows the lawn while Keith repairs the irrigation system, Tim sprays the weeds in the shrubs, and members volunteer to pull weeds as needed.

* Another large expense was the chip and seal for our roadway.

* Keith thanked Butler Windows for their help installing the bird streamers.

* He thanked Cary Ecker for ordering and installing the 3 Blink security cameras.  Keith, Luke and Jim all have the app on their phones to keep aware of camera activity.

* Mary Gallagher thanked Keith and Mickey for meeting and greeting potential members and new homeowners. They have recruited several new members.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Tim Gallagher presented and explained the new budget.

* He revised last year’s budget and expenses and explained that the past due accounts now have all been cleared.

* The 2019-2020 budget especially reflects the dehumidifier and heat pump repairs that will be needed.

* The loan has been successfully refinanced where we have $470,000 remaining.  We pay about $53,000 per year as interest rates have increased.

* The projected revenue for the coming year is approximately $162,000

* We have $40,000 in reserves. Tim suggests that we aim for $100,000 in reserves.

* Tim thanked Keith and Mickey Hendershot for all the work they are doing as Facility Managers as they have made a significant contribution to the club.  He also thanked the board members who are leaving: Jim Burrage, Cary Ecker and Ann Reynolds.

* Cary Ecker moved to accept the budget as presented, Fred Guimond seconded.

The budget for 2019-2019 was approved.


* As a conditional dues increase is done at every annual meeting, to adopt a dues increase up to $8.33 per month for full family membership and scaled according to other membership levels, should the need arise.. and with 30 day notification to members, the motion was made by Amy Eisemann and seconded by Rick Stiles.  The motion was approved.


* Jan Deveny moved to resolve all actions of the directors and officers of the corporation on behalf of the corporation during the past year were ratified and confirmed, provided the actions were within the scope of the directors’ and officers’ duties and not outside the normal course of business of the corporation. Dennis Gilbert seconded..  Approved.


* As there were six board positions open and 6 people volunteered to participate on the board, it was moved by Beth Fry to approve the slate as presented, seconded by Pat Deveny. The board of 6 was approved unanimously.

* The continuing board members are Tim Gallagher, Luke Groen, Mary Gallagher ,Carl Middleton and  Lou Greenlee. New members are Fred Guimond, Michele Vallor, Robbette Schmit, and Anne Gilbert.


* There has been discussion about changing the name of the Kahler Glen Athletic Club when using social media to attract a broader base of potential members as many people in the valley assume one must be a homeowner of Kahler Glen to belong.  

* Another market suggestion has been to have an Open House in the future.

* Jim alerted the members to the water shut-off times at Kahler Glen due to repairs.  The Home Owners Association will email owners 6 hours prior to the shut off time.


Jan Deveny moved to adjourn the meeting and Fred Guimond seconded. The annual meeting was adjourned at 12:03pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by

Ann Reynolds, Secretary 

*** These Minutes will be officially accepted by Vote of the General Membership at the next Annual Meeting Memorial Weekend 2020***